Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Practice definitely still needed

Scarlett will be 16 weeks old tomorrow...and as nervous as I am about her rolling over and getting her first tooth, I am just as excited to feed her real food. Chris and I decided to jump the gun by one day and try serving Scarlett some rice cereal for dinner. She might have needed the extra day!

The worlds best sound

After a long day at work...this is exactly what I want to hear.

Play dates

I had to work last Saturday (tax and Chris decided to take Scarlett for a play date to visit her "gal pal" Cecily. To clarify, "gal pal" really means two little ones who are still learning the importance of making (and keeping) eye contact with one another, and when put in the same room for an afternoon nap will inevitably wake each other up by thoughtfully sharing a startled movement or cry. Regardless of the lack of social skills between the two...I think they enjoyed their day together. Let this be the first of many!

Scarlett and Cecily on the way to Seal Beach, Scarlett is a little skeptical

Scarlett talking about how cool it is that they have matching car seats...

Cecily thinks it is just as cool

Saturday, March 27, 2010

It's hard to leave...

But it makes it easier to know that she is in great hands. Thank you to all the women who have offered to love and care for our daughter when Chris and I are working hard to "bring home the bacon"!
(This is a picture of Scarlett enjoying a play date with all of the moms and new little ones at St. Matt's...thanks for the picture Becca and thanks to all of the moms for showing my daughter how to laugh when Im gone...i love that smile )

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tuesday night equals

Ever since Chris got his tattoo I have been in a significantly inferior state of "cool" in an attempt to raise my "hip" status we made Tuesday night...TATTOO night! Thanks Gretchen for the stunning design...and thank you Brett for the very flattering pictures! Now I am just trying to make it through "this feels like a really bad sunburn" Wednesday.

A new past time

Scarlett has found a new way to keep herself occupied in the car...sleeping is no longer an option.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Here We Go!

If you know anything about our relationship, you know Andy and I are creatures of convenience. We buy pre-stuffed chicken breasts, Digorno pizza and can't imagine using cloth diapers. So, when Andy suggested that we start a blog last week, I rolled my eyes, knowing that we'll post intermittently for a month or so and then let this next great idea die a quiet, lonely death. Kind of like the calendar I got for Christmas this year (Andy makes one every year for our fridge). It's cute, each month has an act of affection we've committed to show each other--switch chores, say I love in a new way, surprise gift, etc. Here we are, almost in April, and I think we've done it once.

So, why start a bog? The plan is to document our blossoming family for ourselves and loved one's across the country. As our home fills out and our friends move on, we'd like to try and stay connected. If you want to see pictures, videos, musings from suburban know-nothings, subscribe to the blog and keep up on our life. At the very least, you'll get to see Scarlett as she grows up and laugh at the stupid things we do.