Cooking together...

Mar 23, 2011

We love cooking.  There is just something so fun about coming home setting all of the ingredients on your counter and getting to work.  To see the immediate results, and enjoy the finished product, together.  We spend this time (on the nights Scarlett is in a good mood) sitting, relaxing, talking, eating, and if the want to spoil ourselves, sharing a bottle of wine.

This year for Lent Chris and I decided to give a no meat diet a try, and I LOVE it. Dinners are cheaper, I am reaching way outside my grab a chicken breast and stuff it recipe collection. We have had polenta night, chickpea chili night and stuffed baked potato night, all a success. I always feel full, but not too full, and always ready for a shared nectarine treat for dessert.

We have allowed ourselves one night a week for fish. These nights are always welcomed with open arms and watering mouths. Last week we made the last of our fresh fish, caught in local waters by one of Chris's colleagues. We love fish, especially fresh. So we decided to keep it simple. Browned with a little oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Served with rosemary scalloped potatoes and brussel sprouts pan fried to soften and baked with garlic and a little cheesy topping.

Let the mouth watering begin...



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