Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Crystal science...

 photo 005_zps50681d25.jpg
Photo courtesy of Scarlett
 photo 006_zpsf828d058.jpg
Photo courtesy of Scarlett
I am starting a brief love affair with Borax.  There are just SO many things that you can do with this giant box of powder.

I have already decorated this years imaginary Christmas tree with hundreds of these little borax crystal beauties.

What you need:
 photo 001_zpsabae03de.jpg

Water (boiled)
Pencil (or stick to hang pipe cleaner)
Pipe cleaner molded into fun shapes

1)  Take your pipe cleaners and turn them into fun shapes.

 photo 002_zps76379d49.jpg

2)  Tie your shapes with string onto a stick or pencil (or in my case a butter knife, because that is what I had in the RV) to hang from your container.

 photo 005_zps71dae4e8.jpg

3)  Boil water  - make sure that you have enough water to fully submerge your pipe cleaner shape.
4)  Add borax to water - 3 tablespoons per one cup of water.  Stir until borax is fully dissolved.
5)  Hang your shapes in the water and wait.

 photo 007_zps34f48f97.jpg

6) Leave overnight and in the morning you will have a container full of crystals.  
 photo 004_zps4edd6134.jpg

Scarlett LOVED this craft.  We made the crystals for my mom for her birthday and Scarlett was so excited to give them to her.  And after the crystals were formed on the pipe cleaner we scraped the container clean and Scarlett wasted a good 20 minutes taking them in and out of containers and stuffing them in her pocket.
 photo 013_zps0ba81782.jpg photo 015_zps50d7da05.jpg photo 017_zps12bee76e.jpg photo 020_zpscad4a2f6.jpg

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Friday, April 26, 2013

Dear baby boy,

You will be six months old next week.

You are currently fighting a losing battle with your first tooth.  And I am currently fighting the fatigue of hourly wake up calls in the form of pain induced baby yelps.  My heart hurts watching you hurt.  It is the worst at night when you are woken from slumber and there is very little that I can do to soothe your pain.

Yet you are the happiest little boy I know (except for your cousin Stephen).   Your smile is contagious and I still find myself looking at you in wonder.  Wonder of the deep imprint you have already placed in my heart, and thankful for the calm ease you bring to my life.  I love you so deeply baby boy.  With every cell of my body, I love you.

Happy six months...prepare your taste buds for some stellar homemade baby food. 

 photo 015_zpse04cf662.jpg photo 012_zps5c9e1bd9.jpg photo 010_zpsc0e7c89c.jpg

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dear Scarlett,

Yesterday I spotted you in my rear view mirror and complete joy covered my face.   I thought over our day and then over our week and then the chaos of the last month and my smile only grew.  You have been the picture of perfection.  We have had our moments, but they have been just that, moments.  Quickly surfacing as a ball of energy needing to be depleted and just as quickly disappearing as if they were never there.  You say "please" and "thank you" without prompting, you help with your brother, picking out his clothes or doing a silly dance to stop his crying, when I ask you to help me with something you often jump to it with a simple "okay".  My heart is overwhelmed with love for the little lady that you are becoming.

I know that it is not your job as a three year old to hold us together, but sometimes you just do, just by being you.  I have heard people say three is worse than two, but I would completely disagree.  (Although I may be jinxing myself just by physically typing that statement.) You have continually surprised me with your grasp of reality.  You see the world around you and understand so thoroughly what is the appropriate response or what is required.

You of course have your moments of pushing against the "right" response and testing the "wrong" one for kicks and giggles, and I see the flash in your eyes just moments before you challenging me with your lawyer like skills of persuasion and argumentation.  (Which are also in eerily in tune to reality.)  I fear for the day you turn 13 and I find myself completely under trained to resist your tempting arguments.  But just know, that until that day comes I will be spending time polishing my weapon of "because I said so".

With all of that said, I am so happy the God blessed my life with yours.  I love you, and I love everything about your restless chatter and argumentative spirit.  Keep these traits alive baby girl, because in them I am challenged, and with them we grow.

Your mom

P.S.  Thanks again for endlessly entertaining your brother.  NO ONE in this world can make him belly laugh the way that you do.

P.P.S.  Thanks for being silly with me after I come home from a LONG day of work.
P.P.P.S.  Thanks for reading us stories in the early morning sunlight and entertaining your brother with your imagination.   There is nothing better than waking up in an RV with two kids that are obviously morning people, when I am very obviously not. 

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Dear parents neighbors teenage daughter,

Next time you want to throw a "party" two nights in a row while your parents are gone, including very loud bass, revving engines, all sorts of colorful language, obnoxious boys peeing on the lawn and honking at 3 in the morning let me know and I will find a way to incorporate "crazy RV lady coming out to yell at you" into my mid night feeding.  


The family that lives in the paper thin walls across the street

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Home sweet home...

This is it...
Our family entered escrow on this little beauty and Lord willing we will close on May 10th...keep us in your prayers as we race forward on this unexpected journey.

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let's talk about pets...

Scarlett has been asking for a dog since she was two.  She always does it like this:

Scarlett:  Mom, are you allergic to dogs or cats?
Me:  I'm allergic to cats.
Scarlett:  Then can we get a dog?

We always said, there is no room for a dog, which loosely translates to: we don't want to train a dog, we don't want to pick up its poop, we don't want to leave a dog home alone all day, we don't want to worry about finding a "dog sitter" when we leave for an extended period of time and lastly we don't have room for a dog. But then I see Scarlett's eyes light up when she plays with my parents dog or remember the smile that flickered on Dominic's face the first time he touched fir and felt the gentle lick of a dogs tongue on his tiny toes, and I question our adamant "no's".  

I grew up with a normal cycle of pets, hamsters, lizards, and a constant coming and going of dogs big and small.  My parents always gave in to our pleas of "we must have this dog now" and the dogs always ended up a tiny bit neglected in our busy home.  We rarely took them on the walks that as a family we intended to take and my dad was always stuck picking up the poop that my sister and I promised to clean.  Even with the intention of raising them as "indoor" dogs they always ended up in the backyard getting just dirty enough that we weren't too excited when they rushed inside with sticky paws and smelly fir.

I know some day Chris and I will give in to our children's plea and my innate desire to save all living things will end with a family trip to the pound.  A little helpless animal will stick its tiny paw through the jail cell and I will melt, Scarlett's desire quickly becoming my own.  I will be stuck feeding, bathing and brushing and Chris will be stuck picking up poop and my parents will smile. 

P.S.  The dog above is "Dexter", my parents dog.  A dog that stuck its tiny paw in my adolescent thigh and melted my heart.  I had to have him, there was no question that he needed to be saved from that tiny cell he called life. With very persuading promises of being the sole caretaker,  I convinced my parents to take him home and there he stayed.  We call him "the princess" because he is super high maintenance.  And this is precisely why my parents will smile when I tell them "we got a dog and Scarlett promises to take care of him". 

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013


What you need:
Food color

Mix one cup of water and 2 tsp borax and set aside.  Pour glue into separate bowl and mix with 3/4 cup water and food color (hint: dont let your child chew on the food color when you are not looking or he/she might look like this).
Pour borax mixture into glue mixture and prepared to get messy. With your hands start to kneed the goo until it forms into a ball.   Enjoy!

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Feed the birds...

Scarlett and papa feeding the birds out of a hand painted bird house courtesy of Scarlett.

 photo 21E21DAB-549E-4B7B-90AA-4DA8C1CB09C3-816-0000016DD059BD21_zps8b4d00db.jpg photo F8010E90-63E0-4658-9F2A-2F8186A74CC5-816-0000016DD7343D0C_zps754598fa.jpg photo 4312D4B4-A561-40B9-AB1B-9863F865D719-816-0000016DDE123CD2_zps09ac3582.jpg

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Hands and feet...

Get out your paint and start getting creative with your hands and feet. 
I showed Scarlett my kid friendly pinterest board and let her decide which animals to create.  She chose a patriotic butterfly and mommy and me goldfish.  The goldfish actually turned into purple fish swimming in gold water, but I wasn't going to argue with the imagination of a three year old.  

Follow us on Pinterest for more animal ideas.  

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Homemade playdough...

What you need:

1/2 cup salt
1/2 cup water
1 cup flour
food dye

Mix together dry ingredients then add water and stir until it becomes a dough.  Kneed dough and slowly add food color.  Keep in a plastic container in fridge.  If dough becomes sticky just add flour.

My mom made the dough above for a quick afternoon play time with Scarlett over two weeks ago and I have taken full advantage of the same dough since moving in with them last week.  Scarlett and I have created our fair share of snakes, snails and snowmen, and I can say this dough has held up very well to the abuse of the constant rolling, poking and smashing of tiny hands.

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