Friday, August 30, 2013

Dear children...

Yes and yes

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Adding a member to our family has so far been a raging success.

I have never seen Scarlett warm up to anyone as quickly as she did with Heon.  As soon as we got home she spent a good hour chatting away while he unpacked.  Chris and I smiled at each other as Heon broke the ice with a piece of carmel.  We knew from that moment on Scarlett would have a new best friend.

If Heon is awake, she is there.  Tuesday, while I was at work and my mom was at the house babysitting, Heon took Scarlett on a walk (probably her idea), by himself.  So sweet.  And every morning, while I am getting ready for work (granted it has only been two mornings)  this is what is happening in the guest bedroom.

Scarlett and Dominic seriously invading his space.  But he is go gracious.

 photo 99588458-6C08-475D-BD0E-1682A8F8F54F-7540-00000817C68FAB0E_zpscc154454.jpg

I am beyond certain that this was the perfect decision for our family.  What a blessing Heon has been in only two days.  Looking forward to the rest of the school year.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I tried a pin...string art

 photo 006_zpsf8933505.jpg photo 021_zps1c5113e9.jpg

This was a surprisingly easy project.  I had an extra piece of wood from my homemade clip board project...also in this picture and also a Pintrest find...and I decided to create a "B" for our undecorated nooks.

What you need:
Design Template from paper

 photo 001_zps927a79f8.jpg

How to make it:

Using your template hammer the nails in even spacing around the shape.  I didnt worry to much about the actual spacing or whether the nails were exactly straight because my shape was so simple and the actual design was not that important to the final product.  The more detail your design the more nails you will need and the more important spacing and straight nails will be.

 photo 002_zpsf7a5a5c7.jpg

When I was all done with the design I just quickly used my fingers to straighten some of the nails that were very obviously crooked.

 photo 003_zpsf0827156.jpg

Take out the template and begin stringing the nails.
Start by tying a knot around one nail leaving a tail.  You will use this tail at the end of the stringing to create a final knot.
I started by outlining my image to create a clean line.

 photo 005_zps947dc888.jpg
 photo 006_zps2d7a025e.jpg

From there you can just zig zag around the shape until you fill it in as much or as little as you like.

There is no right or wrong with this project.

When you are finished with the zig zagging, return to the nail that you started from and use the tail that you left behind to tie off the string.  Knot the string a few times and cut.  Use super glue or clear nail polish to solidify your knot and to keep it from unraveling. 


Monday, August 26, 2013

Final days of summer...

We are in the final days of summer over here.

We are filling our time with puzzles, art projects, board games, and lots of time outside. (And of course naked in the sunshine.)

 photo 032_zps369c148b.jpg photo 035_zpseaaa69ba.jpg photo 031_zps71ee4c1d.jpg photo 030_zps2ac95243.jpg photo 029_zps38ff6b5d.jpg photo 028_zpsdd9fee75.jpg photo 024_zpsf6d3b691.jpg photo 022_zps496d83fa.jpg photo 020_zps71f99916.jpg photo 019_zpsd07ce82c.jpg photo 018_zpsbb5df298.jpg photo 013_zpsfba1e35e.jpg photo 010_zps5b3f5a7b.jpg photo 008_zps7afe654b.jpg