Here We Go!

Mar 20, 2010

If you know anything about our relationship, you know Andy and I are creatures of convenience. We buy pre-stuffed chicken breasts, Digorno pizza and can't imagine using cloth diapers. So, when Andy suggested that we start a blog last week, I rolled my eyes, knowing that we'll post intermittently for a month or so and then let this next great idea die a quiet, lonely death. Kind of like the calendar I got for Christmas this year (Andy makes one every year for our fridge). It's cute, each month has an act of affection we've committed to show each other--switch chores, say I love in a new way, surprise gift, etc. Here we are, almost in April, and I think we've done it once.

So, why start a bog? The plan is to document our blossoming family for ourselves and loved one's across the country. As our home fills out and our friends move on, we'd like to try and stay connected. If you want to see pictures, videos, musings from suburban know-nothings, subscribe to the blog and keep up on our life. At the very least, you'll get to see Scarlett as she grows up and laugh at the stupid things we do.