Found this comment in the archives...

Oct 18, 2019

My Granny was born in 1918 and unfortunately passed just months shy of her 100th birthday, she was 92 when she typed this message into a comment box, probably crossing her fingers and more likely saying a prayer that it would be received by it's intended recipient, this blog.   The life altering moments she experienced in her time on Earth were abundant.  All that was tangibly left behind are the black and white photos of her life, vinyl records of her playing violin, and tapes filled with her stories.  Those, and this comment above, a time stamp of one of the many inventions she had to conquer.  My Granny's love language was leaving notes, and this among many others will forever be cherished.

Anxious mom...

Oct 16, 2019

This little dude is gone three days a week.  I have started working those days, and as much as I dreamed about skipping out of daily piles of laundry and constant "watch this" requests, I miss being a stay at home mom.  I miss being able to pin point exactly where every fit is coming from and what triggers every emotion, I miss being able to describe the personalities of my kids to the very last word that came out of their mouths.  I feel like every day away is a day that they slip further into themselves, a beautiful thing when you are not the anxious mother on the other side.  

Playing hooky...

Oct 1, 2019

Our kids have been battling the back to school, every day sports/extracurricular activities, late night, early morning, fatigue.  Along with a rotating everlasting cold and numerous cough induced family wide wake up calls, we were generally not getting along.  So last Friday at the end of another long week and a very late bed time, Chris and I decided to let the kids sleep in and surprise them with a day off from all necessary duties.   They all slept an hour past the normal time we begrudgingly shake them awake and convince them it is worth getting up for another day.   Which tells me that their little bodies needed the rest. Scarlett woke up wondering why it was 7:30, Dominic woke up oblivious to the fact that it was Friday, and Max was just happy it was his weekend.

I informed them that we were skipping school and going to Knotts Berry Farm.  And so we did, and it was the perfect reset for our family.  If you can believe it, Scarlett actually laughed and showed happy emotion, not woe is me emotion.  And she said it was the best day ever.  So parenting win.  It was so refreshing to see my kids be kids.

It is so easy to get caught up in the "we must" and "we have to" part of life, and unfortunately, I am the biggest enforcer of these statements in our home.  I can get so fixated on "but your teacher says" and "our duties are", and equate the kids lack of desire to perfectly perform insignificant menial tasks, as failure.   Thankfully Chris is the exact counter to this insecure part of my parenting.  He reminds me what is important, and the perfectly performing child isn't it.  But a happy, well rounded child definitely is.  So step one to resetting my mindset and remembering that my kids are still kids, be okay with playing hooky (and chose a theme park that has literally NO LINES).

Box houses...

Sep 27, 2019

Harvest festival time of year...

Sep 25, 2019

I still have a long way to go before I forget how wonderful it was to associate fall activities with hot chocolate, scarves, warm cinnamon apple donuts, muddy rain boots, and wheelbarrows full of assorted freshly picked pumpkins. 

I know I won't get to experience changing leaves or desire a hot pumpkin spice anything for another two months at best, but I did enjoy wearing a weather inappropriate pair of overalls and flannel while sweating myself silly and pretending it's fall at the kids annual harvest festival last week.  At least I looked like I belonged at a PNW pumpkin patch and my kids had fun.  Win, win

A little chatty...

Sep 23, 2019

Every Friday Dominic is sent home with a progress report and last week I finally received the report I have been anticipating since the day he said his first word.  

Monday- Great
Tuesday - A little chatty
Wednesday - Great
Thursday - A little chatty
Friday - A little chatty

If there was one thing in school that I always got in trouble for it was being "a little chatty".   No matter how quiet I thought I was being while sharing the latest gossip with my neighbor, I always ended up with an "S" on my report card and the comment "talks to much in class".  

Dominic has a math mind, and when he sets his sight on his learning, he can pick things up pretty quickly, but focus has never been his strong suit.  His mind wanders, he is friendly, loving, helpful, and a little chatty.  I would dare to say a LOT chatty.  In fact his favorite past time is being chatty. But if I allow myself to engage in some of these chatty moments, that is when I get to know him the best.  

Another fun fact about my middle child is that he is obsessed with robbers.  He goes to bed every night asking if we locked the door, and will frequently ask "what time do the robbers usually come?".  We haven't engaged too heavily in this conversation for fear that it will only feed his worries, but we usually give him a emphatic yes, the doors are locked, followed by a huge hug to let him know that he is safe.  The other night on a fancy McDonalds date, in the midst of a chatty spell in which conversation consisted solely of freeing his mind from a traffic jam of words, he blurt out this little gem...

"If a robber comes to your house and asks where the toys are, you have to save the toys.  But if he comes and asks for a snack...that's okay."

There are two points to make with this comment.  1) That his worry about robbers isn't founded on the fact that they are going to hurt his body in any way, but that they are more interested in stealing his toys and hurting his soul.  I can confidently say that what little worry I harbored every night reassuring him against robbers, has now faded to a mild "your toys are safe, now go to sleep".  I will admit however that I am grateful to learn this consistent worry wasn't one that was debilitating and nightmare inducing.  2) This comment was in a round about way, exploring the idea of when it would be okay to lie.  Out of all of my kids Dominic is the most engaged in right and wrong.  He does things based on the fact of whether or not it is what God says to do.  Lying is wrong...but what if it is for the greater good?  What if you are just deterring the bad guy from harming something you love and pointing him in the direction of snacks instead? 

I love these moment with my kids.  The moments that you get a glimpse of what is going on in their heads and hearts.  There are so many hours in the day in which Dominic shares his chatty soul with others, so when he shares it with me, I feel lucky.  And when he blurts things out that seemingly have no meaning, but in reality hold all the meaning, I can't help but encourage the chatty side of him knowing that it is this side that matters most.  

Summer going strong...

Sep 19, 2019

We still find ourselves clinging to summer nights and wasting away the hours before bed time by throwing everyone in the pool.  Any way to encourage those last few bursts of inexplicable energy to disperse, and not make a huge mess that I will inevitably have to clean up is a win win in my book. 

Supper Club...

Sep 17, 2019

Indonesian food...all I can say is "yum".