Friday, November 13, 2015


Stuffing your kids in hats like this is one of the perks of living in a state whose temperature drops below 50.  Also, Friday night football games with friends.

 photo 1BE9DA1C-3BC2-4B40-BA00-BFD8B8E577B8_zpssprb2i5p.jpg photo 870B1029-778D-456B-96AE-5652F2F2083A_zpsmbluditg.jpg

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Dominic turned three last Thursday.  This year we wanted to really spoil him.  Last year was a complete wash, everything was still new and Washington was still a completely foreign land, plus I was sick and just entering my first energy draining trimester with Max.  So this year was all about celebrating him.

Every year we stuff our kids room full of balloons, but since Dominic is deathly afraid of balloons, not necessarily the balloons themselves but the potential of one extemporaneously popping, we decided to forgo our tradition and opted for streamers as an early morning surprise.

We tried to fill the day with fun adventures and people Dominic loves.  Gifts from family arrived and sat waiting for him in the morning. We opened gifts, played a lot and rushed out the door to meet some friends at the childrens museum before taking Scarlett to school. Then per Dominics request we enjoyed a mommy son date at Chick-fil-a for lunch.  The very fact that this was his one and only actual specific request of the day felt like a parenting success. Three years and I think we made a very wise boy.

 photo 4C3543DB-513C-4E22-9CCC-284DF63F2378_zpsys9lfjmu.jpg
"Happy Birthday to you Dominic" - Scarlett 
 photo CAA650D9-7DEA-4A3E-A795-69E9310824CC_zpsocvbxpyc.jpg photo 001_zpsul4gbdne.jpg photo 002_zpspj7euqzu.jpg photo 003_zpshupui1ir.jpg photo 005_zpsavvrakzz.jpg photo 007_zpsllxnzbhf.jpg photo 012_zpsfdfnrqq4.jpg photo 013_zpswx7ymqqj.jpg photo 014_zpsqnxb1shk.jpg photo 015_zpsqxcgm54n.jpg photo FA060F97-F3BC-4D2E-946E-7156DC83CDC9_zpswp0igmfw.jpg photo 5E093D18-EBA2-49CA-B514-E222E99829C8_zpsjlisdh5l.jpg photo 4267B5E1-218A-4318-95B0-A1F4401E39FA_zpsbilgcfo2.jpg

Thank you to everyone who loved on our little boy...and to our family and friends that sent a little something in the mail to help make Dominic's birthday extra special.

Happy birthday my boy.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Sports fans...

Supporting the local teams, with a little LA on the side.

 photo 5BC37460-1839-4EBC-B151-F586E6FF53FE_zpsxewiomv4.jpg photo B8200BAD-B891-483C-BB34-741768077D1B_zpsoitq8sal.jpg photo 34451F71-17DD-4C93-995A-337E7156DDEA_zpsw7pq8l0x.jpg photo 1B07A27C-4E70-4DBA-ABA6-E2FCDE673A8F_zpsol4m8bjb.jpg

Friday, November 6, 2015

Fall is here...

Fall is here in full force, and our front yard is in the running for "yard that shows just how little the family living on this property know about taking care of a yard in the fall".  Essentially we are just assuming the falling leaves will eventually melt away with all the rain or blow into our neighbors yard during the next windstorm, either of which weather forecast is to be expected every day from here until next June.

 photo 007_zpsec8qiiay.jpg

Good news is Chris finally got a leaf blower so at least it appears like we are trying to keep up with the Jones'.

P.S.  Our neighbors Halloween decorations seen above included "beware" tape, a full skeleton hanging in the window stuck to a giant spider web, a poltergeist hanging in the door way and a strobe light ALL NIGHT LONG.