Finding ways to spice up our quarantine...

Jul 22, 2020

With the start of quarantine came a lot of changes for our family...including the anticipated arrival of another Becher baby in November, homeschooling for 2 months, working from home, and trying to survive the dreaded first trimester nausea that pretty much glues me to the bathroom floor.  

Now that we have officially made it to mid summer, I finally have a little space to update this family journal with a giant photo dump of our previous 5 month journey through quarantine.  There have been a lot of mundane days but every once in a while, in an effort to maintain our sanity, we do like to spice it up.   

LOTS of pool days with new toys:

Exploring local ways to beat the heat:

Taking in orphaned rodents: 

Visiting Grandparents in AZ: 
Days at the beach: