Guess it's been awhile

Nov 3, 2021

Turns out life goes on...we survived a never ending quarantine, had a baby during a pandemic, and are managing the reality of caring for a child diagnosed with hydrocephalus.  

Eloise Joy Becher was born 10 weeks early and rocked her 50 day NICU journey.  She had grade three intraventricular hemorrhaging and weekly ultrasounds showed as the hemorrhaging cleared it still left her with swollen ventricles.  She was officially diagnosed with hydrocephalus on December 16th and was admitted on December 18th for the placement of her first VP shunt.  After three months of complications, in March 2021 she was wheeled away for her second brain surgery and first of hopefully few revision surgeries.  

2021 was a year full of many ups and downs, a family wide COVID diagnosis, and numerous MRI related checks up, here we are...Eloise turned one, we have a 1st, 3rd and 6th grader and life is so so full.