But Honey...

Apr 2, 2010

Andy sent me this photo in an email that said "Our life in a nutshell." The crazy thing is, I'm kind of into it. Not the whole "baby spoiling my libido" thing, but the whole "my life for the sake of another."

When we got married I was braced to sacrifice myself for Andrea; do whatever she wanted in spite of what I wanted. But, anyone who's married to a cool person knows that two adults with similar interests don't actually have to sacrifice all that much. In fact, the first two years of our marriage our souls got fat because we ate well, drank plenty, watched a lot of HBO and went on weekend trips at the drop of a hat. But now, with a completely dependent infant in the picture, one that doesn't reason with you and won't put up with "I'll get to it later," our souls are becoming fit again. We pray more (still not nearly enough), have rediscovered a bit of our creativity and find ourselves more prone to help those in need. Not to be too forward, but more sex doesn't equal better sexuality, just like more leisure doesn't equal a happier disposition; just check out all the bored, huffy retirees. Sacrifice for someone less fortunate (or in our case, less capable) strengthens the soul, which beautifies everything. The last thing we need is more of what we want. We need the opportunity to forgo what we want and thereby rightly value (and enjoy) what we want.