The joys of owning a home (and a handy husband)...

Aug 17, 2010

We were informed over two months ago that our master bathroom shower was leaking through the ceiling of our neighbors condo...$50 later a plumber informed us there is nothing wrong with the plumbing (thankfully), but the tiles were old and the grout was failing to do it's water proofing job.  So for two months Chris and I have been out of sorts, using the guest bathroom shower, leaving towels all over the house, leaving drops of water in the hall and shuffling our cold feet to the master bathroom to finish our daily routines.

Why is it that when a habit as simple as taking a shower is amiss everything else follows suit?  It should be easy to bring our clothes to the bathroom and hang the towel on the rack no matter where we take a shower.  But alas, we still make the cold wet trek down the hall to the closet and drop a soggy towel on the bed, the floor or the chest in our room that seems to constantly accumulate piles of dirty clothes...that towel lands anywhere but the towel rack in the guest bathroom.  Which of course means the next time I enter the bathroom, take a nice warm shower and reach for a towel, it is NEVER there. Is there anything worse (maybe finding the last little sheet clinging to the cardboard toilet paper roll)?

So, after two months of washing numerous under used "dirty" towels, Chris decided to do something.  Tear out the whole bathroom and start from scratch.  Why fix old caulking, when you can fix the ENTIRE outdated bathroom?  A project that could have taken weeks will now take months (especially since we can't decide how we want the final project to look).  So here we are, changing our towel hanging habits, and just when those habits become routines, we will have a nice new master bathroom to start the cycle all over again.

(Disclaimer - this is not a complaint...I am really looking forward to our new bathroom and the fact that my handy husband has the rest of the summer to finish it...thank you handy husband for taking on this ever growing project!)