A letter to Scarlett

Aug 20, 2010

Dear Scarlett,

If you see a swing that is screaming to be swung, swing in it.

If  you see a tree that is waiting to be climbed, climb it.

If you see a river that is calling to be swam in, swim in it.

If you see an ocean that yells to be surfed, surf it.

If you see a sunset that is dying to be watched, watch it.

If you see a warning sign that is daring to be crossed, cross it.

If you see a star studded sky that needs to be laid under, lay under it.

Allow yourself to feel dwarfed by a shooting star or a raging ocean, daring as you enter an ice cold river in your birthday suit, and sad in the last moments of a dying sunset.  Sometimes life's greatest memories are made when you experience the worlds beauty with inhibitions aside and emotions uncontrolled.