Movie Monday's

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I love home movies, I love watching them over and over again.  I love how they remind me of a moment in time that was captured and frozen unable to thaw by the dulling memory.

In an attempt to indulge this deep rooted love I am making myself a goal of recording one home movie a week and posting it.  I am calling this escapade Movie Monday's!  I am doing this in a hope to capture all of the first of our little monster.  She is turning one and I am anticipating lots of new words, new steps, and new laughter.  I can not wait to savor these moments as they come and be ale to smile back on them as I share them with her when she is grown.

P.S.  I am fully aware that it is now that a new weekly blog post goal faux pas?

New favorite activity...stair climbing.  She could do this ALL day long...


  1. Andrea -- Was Scarlett and your (or Chris's???) mom at Target today? I swear I saw miss Scarlett looking oh-so-cute in a little sweater, sitting in the cart at Grandma shopped in the baby section. I almost said something but thought that it would be quite embarrassing if I was wrong. "Oh sorry....I thought you were the mother of a friend I use to work with and now just stalk her and her family via their blog." :)

  2. Your poor Scarlett probably has rug burn all over her body. hahaha.