Movie Monday fail...

Dec 28, 2010

Welcome to Movie Tuesday!  After surviving a brief breakout of influenza, three Christmas's, four cousins under the age of four, presents, family and more food than you could eat in a we are on Tuesday.  Not only did Movie Monday fly by, but so did our Christmas holiday.  Somehow we are now sitting on the brink of the new year.

I am sad that looking back at Christmas I feel overwhelmed and tired.  I didn’t start the traditions that I wanted to start with Scarlett, I didn’t stop to reflect on the real “reason for the season”, or enjoy one meal without having to shove the food in my mouth to get Scarlett in bed by six.  I am trying to embrace this reality, and know that as the holidays continue to come and go,  and the cousins continue to multiply the season will only get crazier.  Every year will be a new chance to start traditions, eat good food, laugh with family, sit by the fire, thank God for the birth of His Son and enjoy the magic of the holidays before I blink and it is gone.

On to the real reason for this post...Scarlett doing what she does best...being ridiculously cute in her Christmas pj's!