One Year Down...

Dec 10, 2010

You ushered in your first birthday with a scream at 4:00am this morning. Why? Maybe your tummy was upset. Maybe you saw a creepy shadow on the wall. Maybe your bear pajamas were a bit too warm. Or, maybe you just wanted to be close. I held you for 20 minutes, trying to sooth you back into your dreams. Then your mother held you for another 20 minutes, snoozing on the couch until you dropped off to rest. It seems a fitting way to celebrate you presence in our lives; sacrifice.

You’ve been such an easy child this year that I often forget that parenting means sacrificing. I don’t remember many late nights with screams echoing off our walls or mornings where you did nothing but whine. In fact, your first year has been exactly the opposite. Most nights you’re mom and I have slept as well as you have. Most mornings we’ve played as freely as you. So, this morning was a good reminder. I love you and hope always to lay down my life for you.

Happy Birthday Scarlett. Here’s to a life of beauty, love, and grace. Oh...and sacrifice.