Beans, beans and more beans...

Jan 28, 2011

A couple of weekends ago we took our usual Saturday morning family outing to the cute little cafe (Rialto) down the street for breakfast.  We love this place, it is our little weekend splurge.  Chris ordered the huevos rancheros, and after Scarlett scarfed down all of Chris's beans we realized we finally hit the jackpot.  Something other than avocado that Scarlett would eat.  So for the past week Scarlett's diet has consisted of cheese, beans and avocados.  These are the only things she will eat without taking a bite and immediately spitting out.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner have become hours of sitting in her high chair, me offering a new type of food, being rejected, giving up and feeding her avocado, beans and cheese (and sometimes eggs for breakfast).  Oh the joys of a toddler in training.

For those of you with kids...any suggestions for convincing your kid that eating is fun?


  1. Succumb to what they like for a while and then try again eventually. Also, Evelyn has started eating raw vegetables and stuff now that she's in school and they have a garden. Peer pressure is awesome. But mostly, just keep trying.

  2. I would agree wtih Shawna. Just keep offering and try to get her involved as much as possible. Know that she won't be a teenager only eating beans, cheese and avacado. At least with my kiddos - they go through phases. They'll be all about a couple types of foods and will eat practically nothing else...then they'll get sick of that and move on to something else. Just keep offering the different foods. However, something that I have done from the start is vow NOT to be a short order cook. The family eats what I make. Now, I try to incorporate foods that they enjoy (or whatever phase they're currently in) but I will not make something for me and Darrin, and something different for the kids (or each of the kids). This means that sometimes, Rylee refuses to eat what I make and she goes hungry (Jake's a tank and normally eats whatever I put out in front of him...). That's okay -- it's her choice to not eat and unforunately, she'll have to learn the hard way that when she doesn't eat, she'll feel the pains of hunger. But, She won't starve herself. I put out healthy snacks throughout the day, so she can graze. This is a good way that I can introduce her to different foods without it being so formal like mealtime. Overall, try to remember that every kid goes through phases and as long as you just continue to offer a variety of foods, I'm sure she'll expand her cullinary tastebuds soon! :) Good luck!