Dancing in the car...

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My favorite part of any day is dancing in the car with Scarlett.  She feels the beat and becomes so overwhelmed with the desire to dance that every part of her moves.  First the head bopping up and down to the rhythm, in and out, side to side, any way to get the blood flowing.  As soon as her neck tires she throws in a few claps, usually just two or three before realizing that clapping just isn't enough.  Then come the feet.  Those tiny little feet attached to tiny little legs, unable to kick up and down as hard as she would like so she settles back into the head.   She looks up at me in the rear view mirror with a 6 tooth smile that melts my heart.  I tell her she is silly, we laugh and shake our body until we get tired. Looking at her sweet face I am completely content, knowing that I get to create this moment again tomorrow.


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