Things I definitely didn't teach Scarlett..

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

  • To pull on her eyelashes when she is tired 
    • Grabbing her private parts every time she is exposed
    • Redecorating any room we enter
    • Throwing her food on the floor while looking straight in my eyes, shaking her head "no" as if to say "I don't want this you fool"
    • Keeping food in her checks for half an hour and then spitting it out wherever she decides she is done, then stepping on it...yes, this is my favorite habit she has picked up so far.
    • Taking her "non leaking" sippy cup and turning it upside down to create a "fun" puddle on the floor to play with
    • Opening EVERY cupboard in the house, throwing everything on the floor and when satisfied with her pile moving on to the next cupboard to fulfill her secret mission to empty EVERY cabinet.


    1. Hey -- I didn't teach my kids any of those things either. Seriously... how do they learn this stuff? Jake likes to dig in the trash and use the plunger as a walking stick. ....I don't know .....

    2. Hahaha! This post has me laughing so hard! I can relate! :)