Dear husband...

Feb 2, 2011

This weekend you said to me, "no more TV for a month" more Jeopardy?   That night we sat by the fire and drew some spectacularly unflattering pictures of Scarlett and we laughed.   I'm glad you said it. You thought it, you felt it, you said it.   Please keep doing this, because in that moment you brought new life to our marriage.  You gave us new expectations for our evenings together, you gave us goals, you encouraged us to explore our marriage.  You said you wanted to paint together, listen to symphonies, write, sew, create. Let's do this.

Yesterday we sat at the dinner table after Scarlett went to sleep and just talked.  We talked about our day, we talked about our inner thoughts, we talked about our struggles, we talked about your job, we talked about God, we talked and talked.  I like talking.  I miss talking.  We have been so caught up with soccer, and school and Scarlett, and social events, we haven't talked.  Let's do this more. 

I love life with you.  You encourage me to be a better wife and mother.  Thank you.

P.S.  Dear West Wing, you are our "no television" exception...we will not give up on you.  See you tonight.