Crafty Tuesday

Mar 29, 2011

I am working on a very special project for a very special friend who is having a very special little baby girl in July.  I am super excited for this project but it is taking me WAY more time than I expected.  I take it to work to do on my lunch break, I slip in a little sewing during Scarlett’s nap, and when she is down for the night...let the finger pricking begin.  I spent five hours working Friday night, two movies later I finally felt like I was making a dent in this overwhelming project.  I am having so much fun pushing myself to create like I have never before created and I can’t wait to give away the final product to the most deserving of friends. 

But with all of that said I needed to take Saturday to create something quick and easy, I needed to see the finished craft sitting in my hands, usable.  So I made these magnetic paper dolls and a felt crayon roll (lots of tutorials online...I just winged it).  Two super easy afternoon projects and I felt revamped and ready to jump right back into my crazy time consuming secret project.