Mar 26, 2011

I get a big kick out of dressing Scarlett, have since I first buttoned that beautifully muggy white hospital issued onesie last December. Much to my shame, the only day of the week I was the first to respond to the morning scream was Sunday, more affectionately known as Cute Dress Day. I'm the guy that nags my wife for taking too long in the mornings, but I would try 4 dresses on Scarlett before I'd let her leave the house. She had to look just right in the light of my eyes.

I've thought about this a lot and I realize I always pick outfits that seem a better fit for a toddler or even a small kid. I want Scarlett to look older (see above picture with her skinny jeans). I keep anticipating her voice, disposition, passions, abilities and want to visualize them now. A easy way of making me feel like I have a classy daughter is by putting her in a classy dress Sunday mornings.

The point of all this? This afternoon Scarlett bunkered in for the most intensely stubborn "I have no reason to be pissed off" fit I've seen. She woke up from her afternoon nap and screamed for an hour, seriously, an hour, for no reason at all. I tried everything: food, drink, diaper, toys, ignoring her. All she wanted was to sit in my arms and be pissed off. It took a solid 20 minutes of pouting on my lap for her to finally get over it. It was wild.

She's becoming a kid. I've been dressing her up like a kid for months because I want so badly to see her that way, but today I did. She wanted comfort for no knowable reason and fought until she got it.

(written by Chris in December...I just noticed it in the "drafts" section and thought I would post it...pretty sure it was never finished but I am posting it anyway)