Ribbons and bows...

Mar 4, 2011

I'm not one of those girls that dreamed about their perfect wedding since the beginning of time...but I am one of those girls that dreamed about having their own little girl. A little one to put in fluffy dresses, patent leather shoes, and a matching over sized bow in her curly red hair.
Since day one, dressing Scarlett has been a blast. At first I made sure that she never wore the same thing twice and she never left this house without a headband or bow. Now, our mornings are more chaotic and I am happy if she doesn't scream the whole way through the clothing checklist, pants and shirt (hopefully matching), check, socks, check, shoes, check, bow...never going to happen. Sadly no matter how much I try to convince Scarlett that this sweet little bow is going to make her beautiful red hair that much more awesome, she never falls for it.  I chase her around the house at least once a week sticking a barrette in her hair, distracting her with something enticing and just when I think I won the battle, five minutes later she realizes that something just isn't right and it is coming from the top of her head.  My live dress up doll dreams are shattered.
And to make matters worse, last week I had the crazy idea that I could turn her toddler mullet into cute little pig tails, once we got past the wiggling and whining, I had created two of the most perfect pigtails ever...five minutes later Scarlett was laughing in my face and spitting on my dreams, one perfect pigtail at a time.
The battle for pigtails and bows will continue in the Becher household...for now I will settle for fluffy dresses and patent leather shoes.