Birds nest craft...

Apr 17, 2011

Sunday Chris was working on the shower (almost finished...yay) and I had to think of something to keep Scarlett entertained.  I dug deep into my memory and pulled out this little spring themed project.  Sadly, I dont remember where I saw it first...but here is my version.  I think next time I will shred the paper a little more so it looks like this...but this worked with tiny hands and a less glue.


Birds nest bowl

What you need:
Glue (watered down)
paint brush or sponge brush
brown paper bag ripped into strips
bowl for mold
plastic wrap
chocolate eggs
Tiny helper with tiny hands that is ready to make a tiny mess

Set plastic wrap on table so paper doesn't get stuck to surface with drying
Take your bowl, turn upside down and wrap in another sheet of plastic wrap
Prepare your glue.  I used elmer's glue, and added a little bit of water


Tear up paper bag (or whatever paper you are using) into strips.


Start layering your strips onto the bowl and after each layer paint a layer of glue until the paper is soaked through.  Repeat until bowl is covered.


Let it dry overnight, peel off the plastic wrap, and fill with tasty chocolate eggs.