Apr 7, 2011

She walks up to me with crayons in her hand and clearly spouts out the word "color".  How did this happen?  My little baby speaking to me in words that I understand.  No longer just babble, but words, real words.  Some that we taught and some that she taught herself.  She picks up everything.  I say "doctor", she says "doctor", I say "trash", she says "trash", I say "one, two, three", she says "one, two", and sometimes "three".  When we drive in the car she sings to herself.  When I talk on the phone she mimics my tone and says "bye" when it sounds like the call is coming to a close.  I knew she was growing, and I knew she would someday fit the toddler title of walking and talking, but did it have to be so soon?  I look at her sometimes and all I can see is is my baby girl, worried that she would never reach for her toys, never crawl, never take her first step.  And here she is walking up to me with crayons in her hands saying "color".


Maybe this is my internal clock telling me it is time to fill the missing baby void with a sibling?