Apr 26, 2011

One of the perks of living in Southern California is Disneyland. I LOVE Disneyland. I love the lights, I love the magic of main street, I love going in the fall on a weeknight and having free reign of the park, or getting a cup of hot chocolate and watching the fireworks. I seriously LOVE it!!!

Chris and I stopped getting a yearly pass a couple of years ago, one for cost, two because we were having a baby wouldn't have time or energy to take her and she can't really enjoy the experience anyway and three, Chris doesn't really care for Disneyland. Number one was my reason, two and three were all Chris. Babies can totally enjoy Disneyland. Right?

Well my mom and dad do have passes and my mom has been apprehensive about taking her on her own, carrying the stroller through the park, and chasing down a runaway toddler all day. So when my dad was on spring break they both jumped at the chance to introduce Scarlett to the magic of Disney...and she liked it. Disneyland passes for Christmas anyone?

P.S. Scarlett looks EXACTLY like my mom. Crazy! 

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