Mothers day...

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dear Mom,

Thank you for teaching me to love... 
Watching you love Scarlett, shows me the ways you love me that I overlook.  Watching you love your mom this past month, shows me the sacrifices you make for our family that I overlook.  

Thank you for teaching me to create...
I think back to my over-the-top jungle themed birthday party, my pink and black graduation party and my surprise engagement party, and see your creative hand pursuing its outlet.  Thank you for encouraging this in me over the last year and a half.  For your involvement the numerous times I dragged you to fabric stores asking for your opinion. 

Thank you for teaching me to give...
Watching you finish the quilt you started for me and give it to Scarlett, encouraged me to give to others.  To create things I love for the people I love.  Watching you travel to India, year after year, (even when the desire was gone) and hearing your stories when you came home with a smile on your face has taught me the importance of giving to those less fortunate.

I pray that I can be this same mom for Scarlett.  To love, to teach, to give and to sacrifice.  Thank you for being my mom.  God blessed me with a gift in you. 

With all of the things I would like to say this Mothers Day, I find it hard to write them in a way that portrays their feeling...I hope you know you are loved, not only on this day.

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