This kid is too funny...

May 31, 2011

Scarlett spent most of the evening climbing in and out of her stroller...the wrong way.


She would grab something around her, a ball, a piece of tupperware, and then climb into her stroller with the object of choice in her death grips, sit, look around, smile, climb out, search for another object, and start over. Over and over again. She will do this for an hour if we let her.


This isn't the only thing that she does this crazy obsessive behavior with, she will climb in a chair, climb down the chair, push the chair in, walk around the table,pull the chair out, and then start all over again. She will take a piece of clothing out of the drawer, open another drawer, put the piece of clothing in the (incorrect) drawer, close the drawer, open the (incorrect) drawer, pull the piece of clothing out, open the (correct) drawer, put the piece of clothing away, close the (correct) drawer and start all over again.

I have been watching her do these things lately and wondering how it will manifest itself when she is older. Will she be an attention to detail person, will she enjoy the mundane tasks like folding laundry and filing. What will her hobbies be? How will she transfer over this love of repetition into a future job or a future family? I can sit for five solid minutes reflecting on her future, so interesting and scary at the same time...then I bring myself back to Earth and realize the beauty of who she is now and how I love every minute of her repetitious behavior...but mostly the smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses that usually follow.

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