Tuesday update

May 31, 2011

Scarlett woke up this morning with a fever. As much as I hate when she is unhappy, I love that in these moments she is in need of a long embrace and a good long whimpering cry. I embraced her little sweat soaked body, kissed her damp hairline, and asked her if she wanted to watch some T.V. She laid her head on my chest and we sat like this for an hour waiting for the infant Tylenol to work its way through her system. Eventually the sweet, low hum of her discomfort stopped and when I asked her if she wanted a popsicle she shook her head "yes". A couple of cartoons later her head was lifted and she had regained her jovial disposition. Her little hands where searching for breakfast and crayons.

I reluctantly called my mom and told her that I would still be dropping Scarlett off while I went to work and the only thing making that call easier was knowing that this was the only other place I would want Scarlett to be.

There she would be the center of attention. Loved, held, kissed, spoiled and worried over. My mom sent me this video today with a message that read:
"Proof that she will eat"
Getting Scarlett to eat is always a trial, but getting her to eat with a fever and four new teeth pushing their way through uncooperative flesh has proved almost impossible. So good job mom, looks to me like you have done this before.

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