Jul 24, 2011

Because a family journal wouldn't be complete without a story about poop.

Chris and I believe that when Scarlett is ready to start potty training she will let us know.  Today was my first experience with her "letting me know".
This morning at breakfast Scarlett was pushing like she was trying to go #2 and when she was finished (or when I thought she was finished) I took her to the bathroom to change her diaper, heavy with #1, but with no #2 to be found.  So with a new diaper she waddled back to the table only to look me in the eye and have this conversation:

Scarlett: "potty poo poo",
Me: "no honey, we just went to the potty, you have a clean diaper?"
Scarlett: "poo poo potty"
Me: "really? You want to go in the potty? Are you sure you need to go?"
Scarlett: "yes"
Me: "okay, let's go"

So we went...and it was a total messy disaster.  I set her bottom on the toilet and right before she "went" she freaked out, stiffened her entire body and pooped on the toilet seat, clinging to my neck with a ridged, straight as a board body.  I knew she still wasn't done and while trying to compose myself and not stick any flailing body parts in exposed poop, she pooped again on the porcelain edge of the bowl.   Ew...seriously!  And because I wasn't expecting her to actually go, I had to wipe her little bottom with toilet paper...do you have any idea how sticky poopy bottoms can be and how much a tiny toddler can wiggle in a little bathroom stall?  Total disaster.  Next time, wet wipes.  Tomorrow, plastic potty. 

The rest of the day Scarlett walked up to me saying "poo poo potty", and so we begin the adventure of potty training. 

Any advice from parents of potty trained babies would be helpful! 

P.S.  Cleaning the mess with a toddler pulling the toilet paper off of the roll...a total blast.

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