It's a Small World via Eric Carle

Oct 9, 2011


When we started the blog, it was supposed to be a joint venture as man and wife. But, Andy proved to be far more dedicated, talented and generally more interesting than me. Proof? This is the third (maybe fourth) post by me in 2 years.

Anyway...we've got this book, "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" by Eric Carle. A common find on any 2 year old's shelf. Scarlett has probably read the book 40 times. About read 25, she got to the last page and started attaching names of people she knows to the politically correct multicultural faces. It started with calling the red head "mommy," progressed to the blonde guy as "daddy," and best of all, culminated with her calling the black (in her eyes, brown) guy Matt (my sisters boyfriend). I confess, after our trip to visit our friends in Texas, the Onishis, I added "Brian" for the Asian face. The rest of the names were all her. So, if your uncomfortable with the face she attributes to your name (Suzy or Chen), take it up with her. Hilarious.

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