Lesson of the week...

Oct 18, 2011



Last week I looked at Chris and realized that I could not remember a time that we couldn't communicate with Scarlett.  She has been speaking and using language or signing since she was a year old and recently making crazy connections, using sentences, voicing opinions, and learning.  So I decided to take advantage of this "excited to learn stage" and start adding a theme to our week.  This week is spiders.  I printed out pages with music, rhymes and color of the week all revolving around the theme and hung a string on the board so Scarlett can keep all of her weekly art projects hanging on her learning board. 

This week itinerary...
Sunday - build spider web on the window, teach how spiders build webs and catch their food
Monday- morning story time - read " The Very Busy Spider"
               go to library and pick out two/three spider themed books
               spend the day with cousins, make spider hat and teach anatomy of spiders
Thursday - morning story time - read spider books from library
               go on an early morning spider hunt - search out side for spider webs
               lunch time spider sandwiches - peanut butter sandwich cut into circles and use
               pretzel sticks for legs  
               sing songs and read rhymes - act out songs, dance and play like spiders
               hunt for things in the house and outside that are the color black and take pictures
               thumb print art project - use thumb to create spider body and draw 8 legs

I have to squeeze all my spider ideas into the two days that I am home with Scarlett so it might be an overload...but so far she has been super receptive and really loved learning.

Next week...pumpkins.  I think I am a little more excited about this theme than she ever will be.  Pumpkin patches, pumpkin pie, orange/fall decorations.  I can't wait to bring a little more autumn into our home and what better way to do than under the guise of learning. 



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