Pumpkin week continues...

Oct 29, 2011

This week was pumpkin theme week in our house and unfortunately I did not have a chance to do half of the things that I had planned.  We did manage to squeeze in a little 99 store all things pumpkin craft run, pumpkin art night on Tuesday after I came home from work, and pumpkin patch fun day on Thursday but other than that this week as a giant pumpkin theme fail.   Scarlett doesn't even know what color a pumpkin is (she answers pink or yellow every time) or that there are seed inside...so Pumpkin week will continue into next week as well. 


On the other hand the adults had a wonderful pumpkin themed evening on Thursday after the girls went to bed.  Chris and I got our second batch of Farm Fresh to You fruit and veggies and inside was a sugar pumpkin.  Perfect for cooking a homemade from scratch pumpkin pie.  I invited a girlfriend and her daughter to join Scarlett and I for a pumpkin patch extravaganza Thursday afternoon and we continue the play time into the evening.  It was wonderful...so wonderful that I unfortunately didn't get a chance to document a single ounce of the tasty food that we made.  But just trust me...we used this recipe and made the most wonderful pumpkin pie, topped it with homemade whipped cream, and baked the seeds for a pre-dinner snack.  Sadly, these were all things that I wanted to do with Scarlett to show her all of the things that we can do with pumpkins and to get the classic pictures of her sticking her hands into the gooey orange center of a potential jack-o-lantern.  Lucky for us there is still an abundance of pumpkins outside of the grocery store looking for the perfect home and our porch is looking a little undecorated.

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