Spider webs...

Oct 20, 2011

Creating a door way spider web...saw the idea here

What you need:
Yarn (any color...I went with traditional white)
Fake spiders
Might need tape or nails to create your spider web base


Create your base by  making an X shape and then add another line horizontally and vertically through the X.
This is when you will need to either use your surroundings to attach your spider web ends or use tape to secure the ends to the wall.


Now start making your circles.  Cut a long piece of yard and tie a knot at your starting point and start wrapping the yarn around each base line.  When you get to your original starting point move your yarn up to start creating your next circle.  Continue to do this until you have filled in your entire base with circles.


Add some extra special hanging spiders and you have yourself a 10 minute Halloween decoration.

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