Lesson of the week fail...

Nov 16, 2011

Three weeks ago I was excited to incorporate a lesson of the week into our family.  Unfortunately the excitement has worn off and life has reared its ugly head into all of my plans.  I have only two days a week with Scarlett.  Two days to fill her head with facts, poetry and music, cover her hands with glue, paint and glitter, and stuff her boca with sandwiches shaped like spiders and rainbow fruit kabobs.  Two days, I am realizing, is not enough time to teach our little sponge how to fully comprehend and learn, to understand anything more than spiders have 8 legs and pumpkins are orange with seeds that taste good when you bake them.

So instead of forcing myself to force Scarlett to regurgitate songs and poems about our weekly lessons, I am going to chill myself out and take each day as it comes.  Just because Scarlett can talk, walk, paint, sing and dance, doesn't mean she sit for 10 straight minutes and focus on the colors of the rainbow or read 15 books about spiders.  My approach to home school is changing.  I will continue to love on Scarlett and open her eyes to the unending world of crafts, but not get frustrated when she can't figure out  how to apply a dot of glue and a piece of tissue paper to a cut out picture of a pumpkin.  I will continue to sing and dance to the colors of the rainbow and not get sad when she doesn't want to sing along.  I will continue to read her books and encourage her to learn the letters of the alphabet, but not be discouraged when she chooses to read Brown Bear, Brown Bear for the tenth time in a row instead the thrilling book about how flowers grow or the informative book about spiders.  And I will continue to print out colorful lesson filled pieces of paper for my own organizational peace and not put her in a time out when she does this to my lesson board.


I think she showed me exactly how she was feeling about "lesson of the week" in our house. Maybe we will give "lessons of the week" another year to grow...

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