Mar 7, 2012

Motherhood is worth it..

Scarlett: Who's that? (after hanging up the phone)
Me: Daddy. He was telling me that you are going to go to Nani's house tomorrow night
Scarlett: Why?
Me: because mommy and daddy are going out
Scarlett (enter sad voice and frown): Ohhh, but I wanted to hang out with you and play in my bedroom

Also, if you are any way connected to Scarlett , don't ever tell her that you are going to get her something without fully intending to actually buy her that thing.  She will forever remember what you told her she was going to get and when she was going to get it.

For example - 
Suzy (Scarlett's aunt): Scarlett look at these awesome shoes (Yo gabba gabba shoes on the computer)
Scarlett: Whoa.  I like that. 
Suzy: Which ones are your favorite?
Scarlett:  I will have these (muno), Audey will have these (foofa), Michael with have these (brobee)
Suzy: Okay, maybe for your birthday.  Do you want these Muno shoes for your birthday?
Scarlett: yes

A week or two later -
Scarlett and I are driving peacefully in the car - no shoes, suzy's, birthday's, or gabba anywhere in sight

Scarlett - I am going to wear gabba shoes for my birthday
Me: oh really, and where are you going to get these shoes?
Scarlett - Suzy

Point and case. You will never be off the hook. This girl has the memory of an elephant.

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