Dearest baby...

Apr 27, 2012

At eleven weeks unborn you have already made quite a splash in our little family of soon to be four.  Your father and I love you, but unfortunately have had very little time or energy to start preparing ourselves for the reality of your arrival.  We have a little over six months before we get to greet you with kisses to your tiny hands and feet, but right now I am just going to focus on making it through the next couple of weeks.

The addition of you to my body has caused quite an unwelcome stir in my digestive system.  My nose is working on overtime, picking up any scent within a mile radius and labeling it all unbearable.  My gag reflex is set to a timer of every 5 minutes and the thought of stuffing anything in my mouth to calm the hunger induced nausea  is worse than the nausea itself.  Just when I am about to give up all hope of ever feeling "normal" again, you give me a day long break, only to slap me back into first trimester reality within the next 24 hours.  As you will learn and as your dad has so patiently assisted, I do not do "sick" well.  I have been short tempered from exhaustion, emotional from the hormones and overwhelmed from the thought of adding another human into our household.  Your dad just keeps reminding me that "this too shall pass" and I keep reminding myself that in 6 months all of the worry and fear will be put at ease with the sound of your tiny cry breaking its way into our busy world. 

On the other hand, watching your sister prepare for your arrival has been absolutely beautiful.  She is convinced that you are a brother.  Always approaching my growing belly with a "hello baby" and a definitive , "he is not ready to come out".  She loves you already.  Her motherly instincts have kicked into overdrive, providing comfort for her baby dolls on a daily basis.  My only fear is that she will be overly protective of her sibling, covering you with unwanted kisses, smothering you with soft blankets, shoving toys into your tiny fingers, or sneaking food into your open mouth.  Luckily we have 6 more months to prepare her for the do's and dont's of your arrival. 

We are so excited to watch you blossom little one. You have already taught us more about the meaning of family, and brought us closer to the heart of God.  We can't wait to continue to grow with you, one day at a time. 

Your family

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