Easter...yes it was three weeks ago

Apr 25, 2012

Our Easter this year was a half success.  Scarlett woke up to a basket from the Easter bunny and was very thankful for all of her new gadgets and time killing toys.


We dressed up and headed to church and after Scarlett joined the other toddlers in a very exciting Easter egg hunt.  Scarlett definitely got the idea this year and eventually put down her basket (it was slowing her down) and starting grabbing arm fulls of candy filled eggs. 

Scarlett telling me she got five eggs...the sugar rush meltdown we had in the car tells me it was more.  

After church we made the two hour drive to San Diego to celebrate with Chris's family and I spent the remainder of the evening in a nausea induced coma.  After the two hour drive there and three hour traffic filled drive back I absolutely know what first trimester hell looks like. Throwing up in a  plastic coffee cup while sitting in traffic...check that off of my things to do before 30 list.  

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