Practice makes perfect...

Apr 10, 2012

Scarlett is so excited for her baby brother or sister...

She spends most days, feeding, rocking or putting her baby to sleep and when baby starts "crying", Scarlett will inevitably look at me and say "baby wants her mommy" and pass the baby over for some professional comfort.  It is too cute.


We took Scarlett to the first ultra sound with us and explained that we were going to see the baby.  Although she didn't quite understand the tiny blob on the screen was a living sibling she wouldn't let go of the babies first picture and demanded that it join us for breakfast.


I am so excited to grow bigger and walk through each of these pregnancy steps with Scarlett in tow.  She is such a little sponge and really seems to understand that there will be a tiny addition to our family in 7 months.

P.S.  Every afternoon when I am leaning over the toilet Scarlett is there rubbing my back and saying "it's okay mommy, I still love you".  If it wasn't such a frustrating and gross time in my day I would say that it is the most special moment between us as mother and daughter. She really is a comfort in this seemingly never ending first trimester.

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