Bye bye pacifier...

May 16, 2012


Chris and I finally got tired of battling the pacifier fight every morning and anytime Scarlett found one laying around the house and sneakily stuck it into her mouth for instant unnecessary comfort. We knew the time would come when we have to pull that plug out for good.  So two weeks ago we decided to go cold turkey.  We talked to Scarlett, telling her that we were going to get all of her pacifiers together and save them so that we can give them to the baby.  We told her that she is a big girl and convinced her that snuggling a stuffed animal and picking a special blanket was more comforting than sucking a plastic pacifier and twirling her hair to fall asleep.
Scarlett was a champ the first night, but the nap time battle the following day was a bit of torture.  I finally gave in and rocked her to sleep.  Now, any one that knows Scarlett, knows that she adapts REALLY well.  Sleeping in her own room at a month old, no problem, no more bottle before bed, easy peasy, big girl bed, done and done, food at the table only (with the exception of some snacks), check.  But anyone that knows Scarlett, also knows that she forms habits within 24 hours and can keep her parents in the palm of her hand.  So guess what I have done almost EVERY nap time since.  Rock to sleep.  I fight the "rock to sleep" urge for an hour every day, listening to her play in her room, shaking her morocca's, singing silly songs, having a tea party with her stuffed animals, until finally, longing for a nap myself, I open the door, cuddle my little baby girl and she is asleep within 30 seconds.  Literally 30 SECONDS!  So every day I hope and pray that she will find a way to fall asleep on her own (sans paci) and every day I give in to the maternal instinct to hold my offspring in my arms and listen to her slowly drift off to the land of dreams and imagination.
So to sum up, pacifier gone in one day and mommy is a total sap for 30 seconds of quality cuddle time for the rest of her life.

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