Wedding fever...

Friday, May 4, 2012

My sister in law is getting married in two short weeks to a man that compliments her perfectly and fit in the family from the moment he stepped into the front door.  Scarlett has called him Uncle Matt since she could talk and most of the time she is more excited to see him than any other family member.  So when Gretchen and Matt asked if we would let Scarlett be the flower girl in their wedding I was nothing but excited to tell Scarlett that she would be walking down the aisle towards her two loves, Uncle Matt and Daddy (he is also in the wedding).  Last night we found her dress, let her try it on, and did a practice run with her cousin (the ring bearer) and then I DIED...

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They even insisted on holding hands.  Now all Scarlett can talk about is her pretty swishy dress and "going to the island".  Her two year old mind translated "walking down the aisle" to "walking to the island".  So we are just going with it. 

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