The love of a father...

Jun 17, 2012

A father will fall asleep two nights in a row on the floor of your room just because you don't want him to leave.
A father will "make a splash" for your amusement.

A father will swim with you till your lips turn blue from the cold.
A father will let you cut his hair just to hear you laugh.


A father will play red light/green light while wearing a monkey hat because "these are the rules".
A father will dance, fly, work out and slide with you. 
A father will carry you when you are afraid or just want to play.


A father will "pretend sleep" with you because it is your favorite game.
A father will chase all the monsters out of the house so you can go to bed at night.
A father will love you unconditionally, forever and ever.  

Happy fathers day to the best father this family has ever seen.  You truly are a wonderful leader, imagination machine, and supporter of dreams. Thank you for loving us every day whether we deserve it or not!

Love, your girls (and a swift kick to the bladder in agreement from baby boy Becher)

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