Aug 3, 2012

I have been thinking a lot about siblings lately.  About how much I want to guide Scarlett and her brother into fostering a relationship that will last and flourish beyond their years under our family roof.  Every day I talk to Scarlett about her brother.  About what to expect when he enters this world.  And every day she acknowledges his presence by lifting my shirt and saying "I want to see the baby" then giving my exposed skin gentle kisses saying "bye baby brother" before I leave for work.  Even when she refuses my good bye kisses she never forgets to give one to her brother.   Watching the beginning on this relationship makes my soul deeply happy. 
This morning Scarlett got to feel her brother move for the first time.  She put her tiny hand on my tummy and I told her to wait.  With the first kick her hand flew from my skin and a smile slowly crept on her face.  I asked her if she felt her brother and she replied with "he is trying to get out".  This was a moment that I have been looking forward to since the day we found out we were pregnant.  The moment when the reality of brothers and sisters showed on Scarlett's face.  She is slowly understanding that there is a tiny human being growing inside me.  As my belly grows so does her understanding of introducing another person into our family. 
I already see a relationship between Scarlett and her brother that Chris and I will never have with either one of them.  They will be partners in crime, they will laugh over secrets that they will never share with outsiders, they will come together when they are long removed from our parental protection and talk about Chris and I, talk about our family and how they were raised, the good the bad and the ugly.  I can only pray that years after they are forced by proximity to be family, they will find themselves as friends.

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