Turning corners...

Sep 26, 2012

We have finally turned a corner in our morning routine.   Scarlett is 100% dressing herself.  Underwear and all. Last week she walked into our bedroom at 6 in the morning fully dressed and ready to convince us it was time to go.  This quick switch of interest in dressing herself came as a complete surprise to me, but one that I readily accepted.  So now instead of fighting with her to put her arms in the holes or stop kicking her legs, I have to fight with her to put on a short sleeve shirt instead of the thick thermals that she keeps digging out of the back of her dresser.  I think after a week of sweating through her continual long sleeve choice she finally understands why I keep thrusting tank tops in her direction and kindly suggesting that maybe they might be a better decision in this 90 degree weather.  But so far so good...and the end results of her fashion choice always induce a little giggle from her two biggest fans. 

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