Dance dance baby...

Dec 24, 2012

Scarlett has started an afternoon tradition of "putting on a show".  She dances and dances until she is tired, she introduces herself before each song and curtsies at the finish.  I love watching her proudly dance on her "stage".  We laugh and laugh at her silly twists and turns and sometimes Dominic joins in the dance move fun.

Age three is really turning out to be a fun (yet sometimes challenging) age.  For all of the silliness this girl brings into our life she brings an equal amount of flair for "the drama".  In these moments I get a flash into her teenage years and know that we are not going to get along.  So I will continue to soak up the silly days and store them, keeping them in the "you might need these memories" drawer and pull them out on the day that she turns thirteen and looks at me and says "don't talk to me mom" in the way only a teenage girl can do. 


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