Tea time for two...

Dec 3, 2012

I am already noticing how important it is going to be to have one on one "dates" with Scarlett.  To continue to give her the single child attention that she craves.  As much as she loves her brother, she still desires to be the center of our world.  And I still want to give her these moments, if only to put a hold on the jealousy that could easily form from pushing her to the side.  I try to get her involved with the every day duties of taking care of a baby, picking out clothes, getting diapers, feeding a bottle, etc.  and she loves these things and feels needed and useful doing them.  But, when Dominic is sleeping I do my best to make that time about Scarlett.  To show her that she is still my little girl, my favorite first born.  She still holds a special place in my heart that no one will every fill.  I don't ever want to lose these special moments with Scarlett because as much as I claim they are for her deep down I know they are just as much for me.  

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