Mommys little helper...

Jan 5, 2013

I had been working frantically trying to finish a chevron quilt for my niece and unfortunately did not meet my goal of Christmas.  But in my frantic quest of completion I had left my sewing machine on the kitchen table and all of my chevron pieces on the dining room floor. Without a sound Scarlett took advantage of Chris's turned back and my nap time haze and took my project into her own hands.  When Chris heard the sound of the running sewing machine he looked into the dining room and saw a tiny Scarlett sitting behind the machine, legs stretched to the floor pressing gently on the foot peddle, needle running up and down through my unfinished project.  Scarlett was sewing...on her own.

Every time I sit down at my sewing machine Scarlett asks if she can help.  I always walk her through the motions, turn it on here, pull this lever down, enter these numbers, click this button,  press this peddle, she took these instructions and ran.  Underneath my frustration at the line of stitching that Scarlett had artistically added to my quilt, I had a sense of pride in my little girl.  I sat down with her, took out my giant tub of scrap fabric and let her create.  She picked out colors and textures and created a small jagged quilt for her brother to cuddle.  She was so proud of her creation and I was proud of her talent.  I love watching her become something more than an over excited toddler.  Watching her grow into a young girl, with confidence and a desire to learn and create.  What a blessing to be able to share my hobbies with my daughter and see a light in her eyes as she is able to give away her creations to the people that she loves. 

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