Three months...

Feb 6, 2013

Happy three months to you my sweet baby boy.

You still spend most of the day, eyes closed, clinging tight to your giraffe blanket. Your smiles are contagious and your coos are incredibly charming.

 photo 040_zpsbc45bf91.jpg

Your favorite toy is Sophie the Giraffe, her squeaks immediately calm your fussy inclinations.

 photo 034_zps88ba7294.jpg

Your sister used to be constantly aware of her surroundings, both fighting for attention but shying away from the attention that she received.  You on the other hand show signs of complete contentment, never asking for more than you need, but completely basking in what you receive.

 photo 041_zps52a2b1b8.jpg

You furrow your brow just like your father, as if you are always deep in thought.  I love this about you.  Although you look like my side of the family you are very obviously your fathers son.  You act as if the only thing you truly desire is to be known. On the days that I read these desires and anticipate your needs, everything is perfect, not one cry escapes your lips.

You fall asleep on your own,(contrary to your sister), butt in the air, cuddled against the sheets that surround you, and when I am afforded the luxury, I watch you breath, a soft peaceful beat.

You have blessed us these past three months more than you will ever know, and maybe even more than I will ever realize.  You are the perfect God given addition to our little family of four.

 photo 044_zps83da8515.jpg

We love you a bushel and a peck.

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