Bring on spring...

Mar 15, 2013

 photo BD68C75A-BEF4-467E-BADD-E296960435FD-4696-00000882704834C1_zpsce0d2d45.jpg photo 290C4EB6-03B7-48EB-A079-D06F52FBA34A-4696-000008827E3AAFA0_zps2b769f06.jpg
 photo 4E220149-486D-44AE-9FDC-C25F04774585-4696-0000088276740092_zpsd23bf891.jpg

We have really been enjoying this new spring weather.  Scarlett, Dominic and I have been taking daily picnics "pool side".  Unfortunately right along with the sunshine came Scarlett's desire for swimmies and deep end diving and I am not quite ready for the chilly rush of water to take my breath away just yet.  So instead I encourage her to monkey swing from the trees and build flower crowns out of the surrounding landscape.  We learn about the seasons and why the days seem longer and the sun shines later. We turn on toddler radio (pandora) and dance while the sun beats down on our exposed skin, and drink in the much needed sunshine vitamins.  We are ready...and we fully embrace spring.

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