I L.O.V.E. this girl

Mar 13, 2013

 photo BB8D495F-54AD-4872-AD9C-F57842460C28-5049-000008BBC945B9DA_zps20fb1eb2.jpg photo 44A4514F-DABC-43EF-874B-19E231E46880-5049-000008BBCF9651E8_zps657a3f13.jpg photo BC848293-08F1-4A07-B9C4-F5A25D24D73B-5049-000008BBD40BCBE0_zps0e0d6d86.jpg photo E556E5F2-C422-4312-910D-4C9ED8E0BD90-5049-000008BBC4BD84CD_zpsbbacb73d.jpg photo C1C14CB5-BC15-4FBD-BA78-A1C4F6E99B69-5049-000008BBBAD50F3B_zps674440d7.jpg photo A459421C-E646-4443-ADAF-90E4AF44CEB7-5049-000008BBD8F480B8_zps00283426.jpg photo EAFBB52C-B577-4151-88B2-B35F86388260-5049-000008BBDDCE432D_zpscb6c6627.jpg She is my mini me...she brings out the best in me right along with the worst. She has taught me more about myself in the past three years than I ever learned in the 25 before. I love who she is and everything that she is becoming. She is my first born, my life and my love. I was extremely blessed the day I became her mother.

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