Happy Easer season...

Apr 3, 2013

Saturday was our last night in the condo and with no furniture we decided to "camp" out on the floor.  Scarlett thought it was fun but the rest of the family wasn't convinced.  Chris and I woke in the morning with sore backs and aching bones and were left wishing all day long that we would have borrowed my parents air mattress.

Sunday morning was Easter and Scarlett took full advantage of the open floor plan of our empty home.  Chris spent the entire morning sitting on the floor of our "bedroom" with Dominic. Scarlett spent the morning blowing bubbles with her new dollar section bubble blower. And I spent my morning following the kids around the house capturing our last moments together in our first home.

 photo 011_zps4a73ec3a.jpg photo 012_zps32fa5f48.jpg photo 021_zps1374ef26.jpg photo 024_zpsdf80b518.jpg photo 027_zps71e426c3.jpg photo 032_zps444ffa8b.jpg photo 036_zps6a53c674.jpg photo 046_zps03fe8691.jpg photo 049_zps9d5d3dd5.jpg photo 051_zps08e942e3.jpg photo 053_zps8ac1d70a.jpg photo 054_zps72ed33d4.jpg photo 056_zps50cfc8bb.jpg photo 061_zpsda403d5b.jpg photo 062_zps8d5ccd90.jpg photo 070_zps7c3a3c0d.jpg photo 071_zps63de3e0f.jpg photo 069_zpsc8ad1e44.jpg

The rest of the day was spent in a flurry of church, family and food.

 photo 076_zps56be28e8.jpg photo 081_zps1578bcc5.jpg photo 084_zps223eef59.jpg photo 085_zps52ee2a29.jpg photo 095_zps93c1a662.jpg photo 101_zps53e6279b.jpg photo 108_zps7fbe4660.jpg photo 110_zps1b9ecdd3.jpg photo 115_zps1c02252d.jpg photo 121_zps10485a09.jpg photo 122_zps6cfd05d2.jpg

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