Let's put a litte effort into our sanity...

Apr 5, 2013

In an effort to keep myself and my children from going crazy while living together in a 37 ft RV for who knows how long, I am committing Scarlett and myself to completing one pinterest style, toddler approved craft per week, and giving a review of the craft on this here blog.  Instead of wasting time at home playing with toys and reading the same books over and over again (which are no longer an option given our limited living space) I am filling that space with park time, play dates and craft overload.

I would also like to make a blog worthy commitment of recreating one pinterest style dinner recipe per week.  While we are living at my parents house (or outside on the drive way) I want to be proactive and provide good solid dinners for the entire family on the nights that I am home all day with the kids.  We will see how long this commitment actually lasts, but for now I am fully on the commitment train.  All aboard. 

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